PV Combiner Box (1000VDC 14 Inputs & 1 Output)


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Maximum System voltage – 1000V
Maximum input current for each string – 15A
Maximum input strings – 16
Maximum output switch current – 200A
Number of inverter MPPT – N
Number of Output strings – 1
Nominal discharge current – 20kA
Maximum discharge current – 40kA
Voltage protection level – 3.8KV
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc – 1050V
Poles – 3P
Protection grade – IP65
Output switch – DC isolation switch/DC circuit breaker
SMC4 Waterproof Connectors – Standard
Installation method – Wall mounting type
Operating Temperature – (-25°C~+ 55°C)
W x B x H – 500mm x 400mm x 190mm

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TSS-PV14/1 combiner box is suitable for inverter (MAX input voltage DC1000V, 14 PV input channel, 1output channel, single MPPT inverter). Box body is made of PVC engineering materials, with test for fire retardant, temperature rise, anti impact, anti ultraviolet,and other testing. IP65 protection grade.The combiner box is a device for collecting current. It is mainly used in large and medium-sized photovoltaic systems. The number of components in the PV array is large and the output is large. It is necessary to have a device to concentrate these outputs so that they can be directly connected to the inverter.

Product Features

High reliability
With DC Surge Protection Device
With DC circuit breaker or DC load isolation switch.
Strong adaptability
IP65 design, waterproof, anti dust and anti ultraviolet.
Strict test for high and low temperature, used widely.
The simple installation, the simplified system wiring, the convenient wiring.
The box body is made of cold rolled steel and other metal materials.
Flexible configuration
Used for single crystal silicon solar modules, polycrystalline silicon solar
modules, thin film solar modules. Current rating of the photovoltaic fuse,
circuit breaker, load isolation switch is modified.

1) Photovoltaic battery open circuit alarm, status detection

2) With switch input, used to collect DC circuit breaker, lightning arrester and other output empty contact status

3) With relay output, it can be set to jog mode, used to drive the automatic opening and closing of DC circuit breaker

4) Provide sensor input interfaces such as temperature, irradiation, and wind speed

5) It can output DC24V power supply to supply power to external sensor

6) The local digital tube cyclically displays the input current of each channel and has an automatic shutdown energy-saving display mode.

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