Microtek 900VA 12V UPS EB Inverter




  • Transformer-Based
  • 900VA
  • 12V
  • Inverter
  • Microtek
  • UPS EB
  • Output Frequency 50Hz +/- 0.1Hz
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The Microtek 900Va 12V Inverter, a member of the UPS EB (Uninterrupted Power Supply Extended Backup) with the microcontroller design. It is a reliable power back up in power outages for basic appliances. This 12V Microtek 900VA Inverter has stood the test of time and is particularly used in regions with a lack of constant power supply.
Microtek 900Va 12V Inverter is protective for your appliances as it provides protection from power surges, during which is powers off automatically. It finely regulates load with alarm signal to indicate low charging and system overload. This Microtek 0.9kVa 12V UPSEB Inverter also has the advantage of being of having a pocket-friendly price at the time of purchase and long-term in terms of prolonging battery life with its multistage charging that delays sulphation, which is the wear and tear effect on batteries.
The user friendly, simple to use interface of the Microtek 12V 900VA inverter notably includes LED lights to show when its charging state and when it is on standby.

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