Luminous 900VA 12V Zelio Inverter




  • Transformer-Based
  • 900VA
  • 12V
  • Inverter
  • Luminous
  • Zelio
  • LCD screen
  • Max Charging Current of 15A
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The Luminous 900VA 12V Zelio Inverter is a transformer-based inverter from luminous, with grid quality pure sine wave , which can be used to provide UPS backup to ensure uninterrupted power. The Luminous Zelio 900VA 12V Inverter is a small compact inverter suitable for use in mobile/portable applications as a power backup. Its great quality ensures durability and longevity. The Zelio 12V Luminous 900VA inverter ensures optimal battery health by an optimised charging algorithm, protection for overcharging and provision of protection for appliances.
The User interface for this Zelio 900VA inverter is great. Its LCD screen shows the battery status, charging time left to full charge and even number of hours battery has been charging amongst amongst many others. The Luminous 900VA 12V Zelio luminous inverter price makes it a good entry point for new users.

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