HSL+ : Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries

SKU: 0052

HSL+ type of Nickel Cadmium Battery is developed by HBL to supply power to critical and demanding applications like solar photovoltaic or renewable energy. These batteries are completely reliable, with minimal maintenance, withstand deep discharges, rough treatment, over long periods and operate at wide temperature range.

HSL+ cells are available with strong steel frame structure, shocks-resistant polypropylene casing material and flame arresting spill-proof vent. This battery gets better internal recombination by using special polypropylene fibrous type of separator.

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Superior Features

  •  High cycle life.
  •  Better cycle life at erratic SOC of battery.
  •  Deep discharge ability.
  •  Minimal self-discharge rates.
  •  Excellent performance at high temperatures.
  •  Wide operating temperature range.
  •  Shock and vibration resistant.
  •  Excellent ampere hour efficiency.
  •  Continuous operation at any state of charge.


  • Offshore.
  •  Telecommunications.
  •  Railway signaling.
  •  Oil and gas.
  •  Emergency lighting.
  •  Rural electrification.

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