Epever 20A 12V/24V Duo Battery Regulator Pwm Solar Charge Controller


SKU: chcon006


  • Pwm
  • 20A
  • 12V
  • 24V
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Epever
  • Duo Battery Regulator
  • Digital LED indicator light.
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The Epever 20A 12V/24V PWM Duo Battery Regulator Solar Charge Controller is a uniquely designed to optimise battery charging by directly charging two battery systems independently of each other, optimising each system to ensure maximum charge. It does so by automatically switching between batteries and charges each intelligently.
It is useful when the solar power system design is such that two systems run parallel to each other. It is suitable for both 12V and 24V systems and has an optimal functioning temperature working range of 35C to 55C. It is easy to use, programmable and is great for quick system checks.

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