DC48V Solar Air Conditioner 9000BTU

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Product sales list does not contain photovoltaic panels, if you need it, it can be sold separately.

Dual power AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning system, the power from solar panel priority supply directly to indoor &

outdoor fan motor and compressor. When solar power is not sufficient, equipped with a dual PV MPPT tracking

system, the system automatically switches to run by grid power thus achieving the AC/DC power supply interaction and un-

interrupted power supply to the air conditioner.

Wide voltage design. free combination of solar panels. make our system not limited by the installation space. Minimum only two solar panels required to run our system, the maximum power of solar panels is 2700W(9x300W).

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System Advantages:

AC/DC dual power supply.

High energy efficiency: maximum up to SEER 36; Even if there is no sunshine, up to SEER 21.

Convenient and quick installation, no longer require solar controller, battery, and inverter.

Using solar power priority, solar power utilization rate more than 95%.

Solar power/grid power supply interaction, achieve uninterrupted power supply.

Wide voltage design, free combination of solar panels, not limited by installation place.

Compliant to all climate conditon, (T1 & T3).

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