Why Deka Battery

Deka is a leading provider of high-end AGM batteries for marine, RV, and other power sports applications. The Deka family of batteries is known for both their reliability and versatility. If you are searching for a dependable battery, here are three reasons to choose a Deka AGM battery:


East Penn Manufacturing, the parent company behind the Deka brand, is known for their expert research and development in the power sports industry. The Deka brand was created to power a wide range of outdoor equipment on water and on land. Deka AGM batteries are leak-proof and cold-resistant to handle the extreme conditions of power sports.


Your Deka AGM battery will be held under one of the best warranties available and serviced by one of the best customer outreach teams in the game. This brand stands behind their products 100%.


While the Deka AGM battery is available through a number of global distributors, East Penn Manufacturing is American owned and operated. All of their Deka products are made right here in the USA in an ISO-certified manufacturing facility.

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