Lighten your Path with the brightness of Anern Solar Street Light

Why Solar Street Light over Conventional Street lights

  • Solar street lights relies not on the utility grid, this reduces cost of operation.
  • Requires less maintenance compared to conventional street lights.
  • Risk of accidents are minimized since external wires are not used.
  • Zero Pollution.
  • Energy-saving.

Over the years Anern Streetlight stands out from the rest as a leading brand with its cutting-edge technology and evolving innovation.


Some features of Anern Solar Streetlights that make it stands out:

·     Temperature control system

Temperature control system to protect the battery charging and discharging in high and low temperature


·     8 years of battery span life

Using a class power lithium battery, a complete solution for the battery can extend battery span life, reject second-hand battery


·     Remote control

Integrates lighting sensor and timing control to save power and lighting performance


·     Motion sensor

Pir 120°wide detecting angle, 12m detecting distance, pir sensor- 30% dim mode and 100% bright mode, auto on/off/pir.


·     Led chips

Three-type high-brightness led module available. Bridgelux high brightness led chip, luminous efficiency up to 210lm/w, energy saving over 50%, aluminum alloy case.


·     Adjustable angle

Brand-new adjustable angle design, each led module with 25° adjustable angle front and rear, 180° adjustable bracket, meet different road lighting requirements


·     Large beam angle

Unique lens with 140*70 degree beam angle, can provide much wider effective lighting area compared to the conventional solar lights for mounting in the same height


·     Aluminum alloy case

All in one design with patent, aluminum alloy case, waterproof ip65 and corrosion protection. Using high brightness bridgelux led chip up to 190-200lm/w


·     Remote control

Unique designed remote control with 6 functions, change lighting mode according to environment. Night sensor & pir motion sensor range up to 12 meters, 120 degree beam angle, can provide much wider effective lighting area

·     Adjustable solar panel

Solar panels can be 360 degrees adjustable to absorb more sunlight according to different installation location, make full use of solar energy, high strength against wind.



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