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What is solar energy all about?

Solar energy is radiant energy that emanates from the sun as light and heat. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner. At De Solar Place, we provide solutions that efficiently harnesses this energy from the sun to generate enough electricity to power our homes and businesses.


Why should I be interested in solar?

If you are discontent with regular power outages, noisy generating sets and huge recurring expenses on fueling, then you should be interested in solar power. This is because solar power represents an energy source that’s literally free after installation, noiseless, clean and totally reliable. De Solar Place doesn’t just sell and install solar equipment, we proffer an energy solution that suits your needs.


How long does the solar power system last?

Solar panels last for an average of 25 years and other components do between 5-10 years. At De Solar Place, we are confident to offer a two-year warranty to our clients for our solutions. It is typical that our clients go well over five years without any system failure. To help our system last longer, we run an exquisite maintenance program for every client.


How much does it cost to power my home/ business with solar energy?

Cost of solar power systems are usually dependent on the number of appliances and their respective wattage contained in your house. It could range from very low-cost to very expensive, depending on your energy spending. To get a clear estimate of your energy needs.


How do you deliver orders?

Delivery service is available to all locations in Lagos and excellent freight arrangement is available to all customer across Nigeria. Terms & Conditions apply


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