Household Solar Energy

Replace those pollution-prone generators with more efficient and cost-effective domestic solar solutions from us.

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Solar Powered Facilities

Efficient energy utilization on all our PV Modules can power all kind facilities and buildings.

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Expert Installation

Our projects are delivered by our team of solar energy experts to deliver a complete energy solution to our customers.

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Solar Farm

One Megawatts Solar-Powered Community Electrification Executed by us.

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Solar Marketplace

Follow the most popular trends and get
exclusive solar products from De Solar Place

We provide Clean, Budget-Friendly, Reliable Solar Energy for Domestic and Commercial uses.
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Go Clean! Go Solar!! Go to ``De Solar Place``
Light-Up Your Home With Clean Solar Energy for as low as N35,000.00 monthly, with installment payment spread across 12 months.
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Our Latest Projects

All functions are integrated to give a Solar Energy complete solutions package. These include supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc.


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